How to get 10,000 steps indoors

Over the past few months I realized I’ve been using the weather as an excuse to not get my steps in – or any movement for that matter. I have exercise equipment in my house yet it just sits there and collects dust while my body becomes jiggly. 

I friend recently invited me to her virtual Weekend Warrior Fitbit challenge and I accepted, with the full intention of actually participating. Too often, I accept a challenge and forget about it, resulting with me always in last place with a piddly 2,500 steps.

The freezing temperatures can be huge road block for those of us that prefer outdoor walks. I find treadmills boring as hell! So I set out to find different ways to get in movement indoors. Most of the experiments were 10 minutes, some a few minutes. I’ve also included a couple of ideas for those who have mobility issues.  I hope this video inspires you to get moving! 

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In February 2017, I only ate potatoes with minimal fat-free sauces for an entire month. As a result, I lost 8 pounds, diminished junk food cravings and reset my taste buds. Since then I’ve lost 30 pounds eating mostly potatoes with non-starchy veggies and inspired many others to do the same. 

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